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From "Henrik Schak Hansen" <>
Subject SV: JOB [CONTRACT] + Re: Windows + MP2 in a production environment
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2006 08:06:18 GMT

Hi All,

I think we are a lot of windows users experiencing the same problem with mod_perl/apache:
"The famous 3221225477 exit status".
My company will also be willing to donate some money If it will help solving the problem.

BTW. I don't recall using the LibXML library unless it is used in some of the other modules
I use (Template Toolkit).

Best regards
Henrik Schak Hansen

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Fra: Foo JH [] 
Sendt: 21. november 2006 08:57
Cc: mod_perl
Emne: Re: JOB [CONTRACT] + Re: Windows + MP2 in a production environment

Hey Stephane,

Thanks for zeroing in on the problem libraries. I don't remember using LibXML, but I'll see
if I can replicate the problem as well, in a simplified model.

Stephane GUIBOUD-RIBAUD wrote:
> I had a similar issue one year ago with mod_perl 2.0.0-RC4 and perl
> 5.6.1 (same issue with perl 5.8).
> The problem was due to the use of LibXML (which is the fastest xml 
> parsing library I found to parse large XML files) with mod_perl and 
> apache in a multi-threaded environment. I also had some issues with 
> SOAP-Lite module in my environment.
> I had to go back to a CGI application to solve this problem, but I 
> don't have a highly loaded server at this time.
> St├ęphane
> Issac Goldstand wrote:
>> We were originally using 5.8.3, but reproduced the problem with both 
>> activeperl with mod_perl-2.0.3-dev (from your PPM 
>> repository) as well as our own built perl + mod_perl 2.0.3-rc2
>> Randy Kobes wrote:
>>> On Sun, 19 Nov 2006, Foo JH wrote:
>>>> Issac Goldstand wrote:
>>>>> YES!  While it's acceptable for light and smallish applications, 
>>>>> I've never found it to be really usable once you're serving 
>>>>> concurrent connections.
>>>>> On that note, I have a contract (job) offer for anyone who knows 
>>>>> their way inside Perl (5.8) and mod_perl  (2) enough to help 
>>>>> troubleshoot a win32-related crash.  In short, once we put heavy 
>>>>> load on the server, we see a crash reported from inside 
>>>>> libperl58.dll - my theory is that it's thread-related, but I don't 
>>>>> have the time to look into it properly.  If anyone thinks that 
>>>>> they are capable of identifying and fixing the problem, please email
>>> What version of perl are you using? There were some threads-related 
>>> fixes introduced in perl-5.8.8 that solved some problems with 
>>> earlier versions.

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