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From "Neville Aga" <>
Subject looking for recommendations for a perl user account script
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2006 16:32:04 GMT
Hello, I have a existing website which I am looking to add in a piece
for users to sign up for accounts. I am searching around Google and I
find a few scripts mentioned - account manager / account manager lite
from site interactive (last update 2001), a package called burp Basic
User Registration Package, which seems to be dead links now, and
Membership manager pro from Does anyone have any
experice or recommendations on these or any other (perl) scripts that
automate the process of signup, approval (ideally credit card approval
with, email out lost passwords, etc?

What I am hoping for is a form based login which sets a cookie on the
users browser. When the user clicks the signup button, there would be a
form to enter an email, password and credit card info. If the credit
card goes through then the account is created.  I don't want to go out
and re-invent this if good scripts already exist. Hopefully this is not
too off topic and someone reading this has experice with these scripts
or other scripts and can give me a suggestion where to look.
Neville Aga

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