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From "Henrik Steffen" <>
Subject Cannot restart or stop Apache after several days of running
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2006 06:54:10 GMT

Hello all,

I am using Apache 2.0.59 on Linux with mod_perl 2.0.2
in a productive enviornment, with intense usage of perl-scripts.

If changes to the perl-scripts are necessary
I'll sometimes have to restart the apache webserver
to make use of the changed modules etc.

This works fine in the first couple of days (sometimes
weeks) after a reboot but then suddenly I am no longer able to
perform a normal "apachectl restart". After entering this command
actually nothing happens. The command execution just
hangs with no visible result. The number of apache
processes does not decrease at all. After minutes of waiting
I can just hit CTRL-C.

Even "apachectl -k stop" leads to the same result.

I could of course "killall" the apache processes brutally, but
even then I can't do "apachectl start". The server won't
start up again!

The only thing I can do to activate my module-changes
at the moment, is a complete reboot of the machine,
which is not such a Good Thing (TM).

If I didn't need to restart the apache-server for the
modules sake, I wouldn't bother at all, because the server
is running completely fine all the time. The only
thing not working is the apache restarts (but this only happens
as I said before, after a few days or sometimes weeks)

I used to think that this had something to do with mod_perl 1.99
which I have been using until recently. But now - after the upgrade
to 2.0.2 - I am still encountering the same problem.

Anyone ever experienced this?
Any ideas what to do, or how to debug any further, or how to solve this?

Help appreciated!

Thank you,


Kind regards

Henrik Steffen

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