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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: MapToStorageHandler and custom config
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2006 22:12:17 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> Fred Moyer wrote:
>>On Fri, 27 Oct 2006, John ORourke wrote:
>>>Hi folks,
>>>I've implemented some custom config directives, works fine.
>>>However, when my MapToStorage handler asks for the per_dir_config
>>>hash, it seems to be getting the server config - all other handlers
>>>get the per-dir no problem.
>>My guess is that you cannot access MapToStorage because at this phase
>>the request has not yet been associated with a particular filename or
>>directory [1].

yes.  in fact, you can't even place the PerlMapToStorageHandler in a
<Location> block, so by definition you won't (yet) have a meaningful
per-directory config.

I wrote as much hours ago, but my response seems to have vanished into
the aether.  maybe it's been so long since I posted here the list daemon
is trying to teach me a lesson :)

> Note that MapStorageToHandler does this association, so hook ordering plays
> a huge role.  It's critical that if you plan to morph the entity you do so
> BEFORE the core directory_walk occurs, if you are inspecting it that should
> happen AFTER to core directory_walk.

pretty much the only honest reason I can think of for writing a
PerlMapToStorageHandler is for removing directory_walk on servers
generating 100% dynamic content.  of course, we often do very dishonest
things over here in mod_perl land ;)


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