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From Jonathan Vanasco <>
Subject Re: Using ENV{'TZ'} in mod_perl
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 18:24:41 GMT

> From: Tyler [] Hello,
> I previously requested some help with setting $ENV{TZ} and using  
> it’s value to modify the output of localtime (i.e. Make it time  
> zone specific).  The suggested solution was to use POSIX::tzset()  
> because my perl installation was compiled with thread support.  So  
> this helped, however I’m still not able to use $ENV{TZ} to modify  
> the behavior of localtime in a cgi script.  Is there some sort of  
> limitation with cgi scripts run under mod_perl (specifically:  
> PerlRun) that would prevent this from working?
Personally, I keep all my dates in GMT and then just render for users  
with a function that wraps Date::Calc operations.  I find it much  
easier to know that every time value in my system is GMT , and I can  
use the same standard wrappers off of localtime output to convert for  
display without ever touching the ENV stuff.

Some people like playing around with ENV-- i try to avoid it at all  

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