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From "Henrik Steffen" <>
Subject AW: Cannot restart or stop Apache after several days of running
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2006 18:55:52 GMT

Hi Jonathan,

> You should never "apachectl restart" under mod perl
> You must always "apachectl stop" , wait , "apachectl start"

oops, I didn't know that. I have always done it with
"apachectl restart" until now, and never had any trouble with it.
Note though: apachectl is just a bash script which does a simple
"/usr/sbin/httpd -k restart". Is this still a problem?

On a different machine e.g. it works fine, without even the
problems restarting after a time.

> when you restart, you end up cloning a lot of memory-- MP2
> isn't very
> good at tearing out the old stuff.  On my machines, I'll see an mp2
> process go from 90-180-270-360 mb if i restart 3 times.

Really?? I have never seen something like that. My server has been
running for 42 days now, with maybe 10 "apachectl restarts" 
since the last reboot, and the biggest httpd is still only 44 MB.
At the moment only 3.8 GB of the available 4 GB are occupied.
That's pretty normal for this server.

> That *might* have someting to do with your issue.  I don't know if
> you restarted before it would freeze or not.

yes I did.
> read up on
> There are ~5 sections on restarting in there

I read this article. And I got some help from it, because the
kill -HUP works fine for me. The module changes are loaded and
I don't need to perform a reboot anymore. That's very good!!

Still, I find it strange, that a usual "httpd -k restart" does not work.

I just had to reboot my machine. But before this I tried
"kill -TERM " on the apache. The httpd was completely shut down,
but unfortunately, then I couldn't start it up again.
When typing "httpd -k start" or "apachectl start": nothing
happening, no logs, no info, nothing.

So I just could reboot... and now everything works fine again.
If I remove the "LoadModule mod_perl" from the httpd.conf however,
the apache can start. That's why , I believe it got something todo
with mod_perl.


Mit freundlichem Gruß

Henrik Steffen

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