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From "Will Fould" <>
Subject dir_config -- sanity required.
Date Sat, 23 Sep 2006 08:13:21 GMT
I have 2 virtuals configured for the same server:  FOO and BAR:

One has directive:
   PerlSetVar BAR  /www/bar/bar_file

The other has:
   PerlSetVar FOO /www/foo/foo_file

When I run (/www/bar/bar_scripts/test.cgi):

    package mypackage;
    my $r=Apache2::RequestUtil->request;

$myvar is "/www/bar/bar_file" ... which is what I'd expect.

....But when I later run (/www/foo/foo_scripts/test.cgi):

    package mypackage;
    my $r=Apache2::RequestUtil->request;

$myvar may be "/www/bar/bar_file" or more likely "".

Worse, if I try to run  the /www/bar_scripts/test.cgi again, it too may be

What's going on here?  Why are these these conflicting??

This has been very troublesome over the past many hours

Cycling the server only fixes the problem until more than one of the scripts
is run.

Thanks for enlightenment.. in advance.


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