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From Kjetil Kjernsmo <>
Subject Occasional problems with URI package under mp
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2006 10:07:06 GMT
Hi all!

We've been seeing some really weird things with LWP, but only when 
running it on the web server. It works fine when running from the 
command line. 

For example, doing this:
  my $netloc = URI->new('');
currently results in a 
Can't locate object method "new" via package "URI"  

The first suspicion is of course that there exists a different package 
URI somewhere in the system, which is only used by the web server, but 
I can't find anything. So, I'm totally in the dark here... This email 
is a shot in the dark too, but with all the good people here, perhaps 
someone might have some light to shed?



Kjetil Kjernsmo
Information Systems Developer
Opera Software ASA

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