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From "Jukka Pakkanen" <>
Subject Apache2.2.3 & ASP problem
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2006 17:27:03 GMT
Seems like a common problem, but I still haven't been able to find solutions 
from the web...

I have a W2K Server box running Apache2.2.3, also installed the latest Perl, 
Mod_Perl ( working ok) and Apache:ASP. The ASP install (cpan) went 
through fine, but ASP files open up as plain text in the browser.

There nothing ASP related in the httpd.conf. Find this from the web and 
added to httpd.conf:

PerlModule Apache::ASP
<IfModule mod_perl.c>

PerlModule Apache::ASP

<Files ~ (\.asp)>

SetHandler perl-script

PerlHandler Apache::ASP

PerlSetVar Global .

PerlSetVar StateDir /tmp/asp



Then I get the "500 Internet Server Error"...

Here's what my error.log says:

[Tue Sep 12 20:20:43 2006] [error] [client] Can't locate 
object method "get" via package "APR::Table" at 
C:/Perl/site/lib/Apache/ line 2016.\n at 
C:/Perl/site/lib/Apache/ line 
2016\n\tApache::ASP::get_dir_config('APR::Table=HASH(0x199ed88)', 'Global') 
called at C:/Perl/site/lib/Apache/ line 
'C:/wwwroot/') called at 
C:/Perl/site/lib/Apache/ line 
183\n\tApache::ASP::handler('Apache2::RequestRec=SCALAR(0x199ed64)') called 
at -e line 0\n\teval {...} called at -e line 0\n

[Tue Sep 12 20:20:44 2006] [error] [client] Can't locate 
object method "get" via package "APR::Table" at...

Any ideas?

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