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From Jonathan Vanasco <>
Subject keep alive under mp -- single and multi server strategies
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2006 18:30:58 GMT
my dev boxes are this:
	mac osx 10.4
	mp2 ports 8080-8090 serves static and dynamic content

my prod boxes are:
	freebsd 6
	lighttpd ( probably moving to nginx , as lighty has a gigantic  
memory leak under heavy proxy use) port 80 for static content and  
reverse proxy / load balancing
	mp2 ports 8000 - 9000 serves dynamic content

my local box has been sluggish lately.  i think it has to do with  
Keep Alive and a recent Safari update- mp2 tosses all the content in  
a split second, but the connection hangs and the page doesn't render  
because the images connection is complete or something, until i reach  
apache's keepalive timeout

shutting that off seemed to have fixed everything.  since its a dev  
box, i'm not worried.

that brings me to the keepalive on the server regarding mp2 serving  
to a reverse proxy.  the only info i could find about it was Stas  
asking for recommendations in 1999.

under my naive understanding, KeepAlive should be off in a multi- 
server setup, as the only item in the connection request should be  
the single dynamic content page (as the images and css/js files are  
handled by the proxy).

or , am i way off, and the connection is good for multiple requests ,  
and keepalive on would be a bonus?

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