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From Jonathan Vanasco <>
Subject Re: acceptable memory leaks?
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2006 20:07:27 GMT

On Aug 17, 2006, at 3:52 PM, Michael Peters wrote:
> Most of the problems seem to be with syntactically incorrect string  
> evals, not
> code evals, since code evals are compiled when the rest of it is  
> compiled anyways.

Interesting.  i'm doing a backlog of new features on my project right  
now, but when i get back to benching and profiling them, i'll make  
sure to profile my code evals, just to see.

i just need to say that its really amazing what a bit of leak fixing  
and profiling can do.

this weekend, my processes were at ~30mb with rapid growth, which i  
felt was wholly unacceptable.

on tuesday, they were down to 12mb with a 20-40k growth per request

today they're at 10mb with a 4k growth per request.

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