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From Scott Penrose <>
Subject Re: SubRequest in Handler vs SubRequest in Filter - and Segmentation Fault
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2006 02:55:54 GMT

Stas, that looks like it fixes it... (slight change of code)

>     if (r->main) {
>          modperl_config_req_t *rcfg = modperl_config_req_get(r->main);
> +	if (rcfg->wbucket)
> 	         MP_RUN_CROAK(modperl_wbucket_flush(rcfg->wbucket, FALSE),
>                       "Apache2::SubRequest::run");

I am building the test case now to prove it is the case and pick it  
up for the future. Once I have a test case that fails and is then  
fixed I will send you the whole patch.

Thanks heaps. (Cross fingers now that it all works) :-)


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