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From Fred Moyer <>
Subject Re: Apache2::CmdParms usage during server startup
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2006 19:48:22 GMT
<late followup>

Philip M. Gollucci wrote:
> Fred Moyer wrote:
>> Fred Moyer wrote:
>> Aha - simple solution is use the first instance of get_config() in the 
>> handler and cache it.  Sorry for the noise - got caught up in 'why 
>> isnt it working when maybe it should'.  Still a bit curious why it 
>> doesn't work with a ServerUtil->server object during startup, should 
>> any one familiar with the details care to indulge me I would be 
>> delighted.
>>>   use Apache2::ServerUtil;
>>>   my $s = Apache2::ServerUtil->server;
> This value takes the global server_rec object which btw is not thread safe
> according to mod_perl.h.
> This value is not yet set in in the 'Config' phases.

Do you mean $s is not set?  I can successfully call methods on it that 
output httpd.conf settings like $s->keep_alive.

I've had the chance to hack on this again and I think I see what you are 
saying here.  As a followup, basically what I'm trying to do is define a 
command parameter such as

MyappRoot /path/to/myroot

  in the global server config and then

PerlConfigRequire '/path/to/app/lib/My/'

which builds the command parameter like

Apache2::Module::add( { name => 'MyappRoot', ... } );
sub MyappRoot {
   my ($cfg, $parm, $arg) = @_;
   $cfg->{_myapproot} = $arg;

so that in I can grab MyappRoot like so:

use Apache2::Module ();
my $cfg = Apache2::Module::get_config('My::Config', Apache2::ServerUtil);
my $approot = $cfg->{_myapproot};

and then do some initialization using $approot, and possibly other 
command directives, so that all my configuration is set by command 
directives.  See the additional email on this thread I just responded to 
for the other approach I tried.

> After all, what server would you be taking about ?
> The parent, the child ?

The parent I believe, since this is during startup.

> You might try set PerlTrace i
> if you want to see some debugging assuming you got MP_TRACE=1 in your 
> line one way or another.
> Checkout src/modules/perl/modperl.c and look for 
> modperl_global_get_server_rec

I'll check these out.  Thanks for the continued help.

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