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From Dave Rolsky <>
Subject Re: Releasing an independent Apache::SizeLimit to CPAN?
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 16:42:43 GMT
On Fri, 16 Jun 2006, Geoffrey Young wrote:

> Dave Rolsky wrote:
>> Apache::SizeLimit has a long-standing bug on Linux where it never
>> actually kills a child, because of Perl's caching of ppid info
>> internally, and the way this interacts with Apache's forking.
>> See this thread for details:
>> At $DAYJOB, we have a hacked version that works around this problem. I'd
>> like to release a version with a less hack-y fix to CPAN so we can stop
>> maintaining a forked version in-house.
>> Are there any objections to me doing this?
> uh, yeah.  how about you submit the patch here and we incorporate it?
> just uploading modules to CPAN that collide with the namespace of
> existing modules that are part of a distrubution isn't the way things
> typically work.  I mean, you wouldn't ask this of p5p for a module like,
> say, Storable, would you?

Yes, I would. In fact, Storable _is_ on CPAN separate from the Perl core 
_right now_, and has been for a really long time. It's called 
"dual-lifing" a module in p5p-speak.

But I wasn't saying "I'm going to release it, screw you." I was saying 
"I'd like to release a bug-fixed version, because I have no idea when 
mod_perl 1.30 will come out, if ever, but I can fix this bug and release 
Apache::SizeLimit 0.04 right now."

There's no good reason for Apache::SizeLimit to only be available as part 
of the whole big mod_perl bundle. It's basically "just another handler" 
like many other modules and CPAN, and having it be possible to update it 
separately from mod_perl is a _good_ thing. It de-couples two things which 
are only coupled for historical reasons.


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