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From "Rob Allen" <All...@GENSA.COM>
Subject RE: mod_perl 1.29 install HELPPP!!!
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2006 18:19:40 GMT
Okay, next problem.  I downloaded IndigoPerl and installed Apache running and Perl
seems okay.  Got MSVS.NET 2003 for my compiler.  I'm trying to load all the prerequisites
for Apache::OWA so I can get that module running.  (My ultimate goal is to be able to run
an app developed using Oracle's WSGL stuff using an all open-source middle tier.)  The first
one I'm trying to load is Digest::SHA1, which is a prereq for a prereq (DBI).  When I run
make, I'm getting all kinds of hassles finding required include files: types.h, stdarg.h,
ctype.h, who knows what else.  I've searched the downloaded/unzipped files, and I've searched
the CPAN site with no luck.
Can I just dummy these out as blank files?  Or is my download missing some required includes?
Forgive my ignorance...I'm normally an Oracle developer.  This is all new territory for me.
Rob Allen
Senior Systems Analyst
Gensa Corporation
Crowne Corporate Center II
2870 Gateway Oaks Drive
Sacramento, CA 95833

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