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From "Hendrik Van Belleghem" <>
Subject Re: mod_perl 1.29 install HELPPP!!!
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2006 19:10:32 GMT

IndigoPerl comes with a package manager (GUI Package Manager) for perl
packages (similar to PPM).. That should normally allow you to install
Digest::SHA1. DBI is included in the IndigoPerl package. If
Digest::SHA1 is a dependency, I'd assume that it's also included.



On 6/15/06, Rob Allen <> wrote:
> Okay, next problem.  I downloaded IndigoPerl and installed Apache
> running and Perl seems okay.  Got MSVS.NET 2003 for my compiler.  I'm trying
> to load all the prerequisites for Apache::OWA so I can get that module
> running.  (My ultimate goal is to be able to run an app developed using
> Oracle's WSGL stuff using an all open-source middle tier.)  The first one
> I'm trying to load is Digest::SHA1, which is a prereq for a prereq (DBI).
> When I run make, I'm getting all kinds of hassles finding required include
> files: types.h, stdarg.h, ctype.h, who knows what else.  I've searched the
> downloaded/unzipped files, and I've searched the CPAN site with no luck.
> Can I just dummy these out as blank files?  Or is my download missing some
> required includes?
> Forgive my ignorance...I'm normally an Oracle developer.  This is all new
> territory for me.
> Rob Allen
> Senior Systems Analyst
> Gensa Corporation
> Crowne Corporate Center II
> 2870 Gateway Oaks Drive
> Sacramento, CA 95833

Hendrik Van Belleghem
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