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From Sagar Shah <>
Subject Re: [mp2] 'make test' problems building mod_perl 2.0.2 on Solaris 8
Date Sat, 24 Jun 2006 07:15:02 GMT
On Thu, 2006-06-22 at 14:17 -0700, Philip M. Gollucci wrote:
> Sagar R. Shah wrote:
> > t/apache/content_length_header.t               27    1   3.70%  17
> > t/api/status.t                                  6    2  33.33%  4-5
> These are expected and fixed already in SVN (me).  2.0.3 will include this.
> No code changes, just test changes as to account for httpd complying more correctly
> to the RFCs.  If you search the archives for the test names, you'll see the previous
> and fixes.
> As I'm going increasly tired of answering this question

Sorry, I didn't think of searching for the name of the actual test, also
I used the first archives link from the mod_perl website, and afaiks it
doesn't let you search:
So I gave up after waging through quite a few messasges

> , I'm thinking of making an
> 'Expected' test failures page on the mp2 site....
> Thoughts ?

If this has happened for other tests in in the past, then yes this would
be a good idea to cut down on having to repeat yourself.

Alternatively one could re-order the mailing list archive links and in
the guidelines for posting to the list suggest that before reporting a
test failure problem you search for the test name for dumb ppl like
me :)

Sagar Shah <>

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