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From Gunnar Koppel <>
Subject Re: mp2: utf-8 and uc() under modperl2
Date Sat, 27 May 2006 10:15:02 GMT
Jason Rhinelander kirjutas:

> The script as above doesn't work out of the box -- the '$lc' variable
> isn't defined.  Commenting out that line, I got the same results as you

Yes, i took out some lines from my test script, which defined $lc, but 
forgot still this line. Oops.

> and eventually figured it out to be a problem with using 'stdout'
> instead of 'STDOUT' in your binmode() calls.  Changing the binmode from:

Thank you and all others! That's it. BTW, i always use uppercase 
filehandles, but somehow i didn't it now with modperl2 and here is the 
result ;)


Best regards,
Kõike hääd,

Gunnar Koppel

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