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From Jason Rhinelander <>
Subject Re: mp2: utf-8 and uc() under modperl2
Date Sat, 27 May 2006 06:44:29 GMT wrote:
>> makes it work properly.  This seems to me like a bug, but perhaps
>> someone more familiar with mod_perl's STDOUT tying than I can explain
>> this (or confirm this as a bug).
> Duh. Sorry I didn't see that before. In Perl, the file handles for
> stdin, stdout and stderr are written in capital letters. So this is not
> a bug.

It is, because in Perl stdin, stdout, and stderr are aliases for STDIN,
STDOUT, and STDERR -- but that aliasing doesn't appear to be present
under mod_perl.  Now, perhaps it was intentional, but in that case it
should at least be documented somewhere.

> It might be considered annoying that Perl doesn't complain if you pass a
> not-yet-defined file handle (stdin in this case). Even with 'use
> strict'.
> Regards
> -- tomás

-- Jason Rhinelander

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