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From Andreas Nolte <>
Subject Re: Oracle DBF Tablespaces and Perl
Date Fri, 19 May 2006 19:30:58 GMT
Hi Mark,

that will never work because the oracle tablespace files are NOT in the 
DBF format that the modules are for but a special oracle format. DBF is 
a convention anyway - you can name them anything.
Depending on what you want to do you have 2 options:
- there are some vendors selling special and expensive software which 
can read these files directly -> I do not think there will be perl 
- you build a second DB somewhere in a so called permanent recovery mode 
- then you can query that db...



Mark Galbreath schrieb:

> Unfortunately, direct access to the Oracle database is not possible as 
> it is off-site.  All I have to work with are the 8 DBF files and
> ~m
> >>> Sean Davis> 01-May-06 11:25:13 AM >> 
> <>
> On 5/1/06 11:00 AM, "Mark Galbreath" <> wrote:
> > Our Oracle team exports 8 DBF files to a local directory.  Is it 
> possible to
> > use perl to query these tablespace files directly?  Using perl, how 
> would I
> > get them into a MySQL database?  Do I need anything besides
> I think there are several modules to read DBF files, but is there no 
> way to
> access the Oracle DB directly?  You could then simply use DBI to query 
> from
> Oracle and insert into Mysql.  A 10-line script would more than 
> suffice for
> doing this.  In fact, there is even DBIx::Copy that will automate parts of
> this for you.
> Sean

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