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From Thomas Hilbig <>
Subject POST form hanging at new CGI
Date Thu, 18 May 2006 14:23:38 GMT
I recently updated my Linux/Apache/MP2 environment, in
part hoping to resolve a problem that occurs with
about 10% of my clients.  These clients experience a
timeout from my server when they submit a form using
POST having more than about 15KB of data (from httpd
access_log -- the actual posted data may be much less
than this).  I think it is related to their
proxy/firewall as the same computers/users do not have
the problem when they connect directly to the Internet
(i.e. dial up) to access the same form pages.

I can replicate the problem using a very basic CGI
form.  It uses and is hanging on the line "my
$q = new CGI;" when the POSTed data exceeds the 15KB
threshold from these clients.

The httpd access_log shows an error 500, and the httpd
error_log shows the following,
   [Wed May 17 20:17:47 2006] [error]
Apache2::RequestIO::read: (70007) The timeout
specified has expired at (eval 178) line 5

Even if the problem is originating with these clients'
proxy/firewall, it should never result the
timeout/hanging of the  Does anyone have a
suggestion on how to trace this or trouble-shoot it

Apache/httpd 2.2.2
Mod_Perl 2.0.2  (problem occurs with/without mod_perl) 3.20
Apache2::RequestIO   2.000002
Linux FC3: 2.6.12-1.1381_FC3smp
Perl 5.8.5
Client: IE6
One client's proxy sets environment variable
HTTP_VIA="1.0 WEBSENSE01SA, 1.0 Symantec_Web_Security

Any suggestions/experience would be greatly

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