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From Bill Moseley <>
Subject Re: GTop vs. pmap on Linux
Date Wed, 03 May 2006 05:26:35 GMT
On Tue, May 02, 2006 at 10:00:20AM +0200, Torsten Foertsch wrote:
> For 2.4 kernel series the figures got from /proc/PID/statm are as valid as the 
> figures from Linux::Smaps for kernels 2.6.14 and higher. For 2.6.0 up to 
> 2.6.13 there is no way to count COW (shared by copy-on-write) pages. Since 
> COW is the main way of sharing memory in a mod_perl environment figures that 
> don't take these pages into account are useless.

Ok, I'm running 2.6.15 with 1GB.

I tried looking over the kernel source, but didn't get too far.

I realize I can't total up shared_* memory and have it mean anything
(since I don't really know which other processes it is shared with),
but can I total up private data and get an idea of the minimum
required virtual memory?

This prints out the values and totals them up at the end, which is not
very meaningful, but I'm curious about the private_* values:

$ perl `pidof apache2`  (5 pids)

           size:    62028K
            rss:    43140K
   shared_clean:     4388K
   shared_dirty:    18500K
  private_clean:        0K
  private_dirty:    20252K

           size:    56360K
            rss:    38164K
   shared_clean:     4472K
   shared_dirty:    21144K
  private_clean:        0K
  private_dirty:    12548K

           size:   299780K
            rss:   206820K
   shared_clean:    20860K
   shared_dirty:    97476K
  private_clean:        0K
  private_dirty:    88484K

Compare that to MySQL, which is statically linked on this machine:

$ perl `pidof mysqld--kernis`  (21 pids)

           size:   145668K
            rss:    36576K
   shared_clean:     4040K
   shared_dirty:        0K
  private_clean:        0K
  private_dirty:    32536K

           size:   145668K
            rss:    36576K
   shared_clean:     4040K
   shared_dirty:        0K
  private_clean:        0K
  private_dirty:    32536K

           size:  3059028K
            rss:   768096K
   shared_clean:    84840K
   shared_dirty:        0K
  private_clean:        0K
  private_dirty:   683256K

Looks like I don't want all those MySQL processes swapped in at the
same time.

Compare that with postgres on the same machine:

$ perl 28321 28322 28323 9681 9682 9683 9684

           size:    21248K
            rss:    15164K
   shared_clean:     2992K
   shared_dirty:     8348K
  private_clean:        0K
  private_dirty:     3824K

           size:    21736K
            rss:    15740K
   shared_clean:     3780K
   shared_dirty:     7732K
  private_clean:        0K
  private_dirty:     4228K

           size:   116744K
            rss:    68432K
   shared_clean:    19708K
   shared_dirty:    33912K
  private_clean:        0K
  private_dirty:    14812K

Bill Moseley

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