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From Charles Bueche <>
Subject [mp2] is DIR_CREATE called for <Proxy spec> directives ?
Date Sat, 27 May 2006 13:46:36 GMT

I'm defining my own directives to configure a perl module.

I try to have the default behavior described in the doc 6.3.7 "child
container inherits its parent configuration, unless it specifies its own
and then overrides its parent configuration".

My config stanza for the parent is :

<Proxy http://james/demo/*>
	MAHBasicAuth On
	MAHBasicAuthPrefix "global"

and for the child :

<Proxy http://james/demo/subdir/*>
	MAHBasicAuth Off
	MAHBasicAuthPrefix "subdir"

In the handler, I retrieve my config using 

my $dir_cfg = Apache2::Module::get_config('Apache2::mod_auth_headers',
$r->server, $r->per_dir_config);
my $MAHBasicAuth = $dir_cfg->{MAHBasicAuth};
my $MAHBasicAuthPrefix = $dir_cfg->{MAHBasicAuthPrefix};

But I always get the value "On" and "global", even if my request goes to

What do I do wrong ? Do I have to do something special when I register
the new directives ?


Charles Bueche <>
sand, snow, wave, wind and net -surfer

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