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From "Cees Hek" <>
Subject Re: ANN: Apache2::UploadProgress
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 21:51:00 GMT
On 4/24/06, RA Jones <> wrote:
> Exactly what I have spent the last weekend looking for! But it looks
> like a non-starter for Win32 as it appears to have Cache::FastMmap as a
> dependency, which doesn't have a ppm and won't install as a CPAN module.
> Any way it can configured to run without FastMmap?

Hi Richard,

That is already on the TODO list.  We are planning to abstract out the
storage system so that it will be more easily plugable.  The reason
Cache::FastMmap was chosen to start with is because it is extremely
fast.  But all that is really needed is a method to share data between
all Apache children (which could be as simple as a plain text file). 
However, efficiency is critical, since the cache is written to quite
often (currently after ever bucket processed, but there are plans to
reduce the number of writes as well).

Patches are of course welcome ($CACHE only appears three times in the
module, so it shouldn't take too much to make it work with another
caching module).  Otherwise, we will hopefully get to this in the next
couple of weeks.



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