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From Sean Davis <>
Subject Re: anyone with pgpool experience?
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2006 18:30:50 GMT

On 4/26/06 2:15 PM, "Tom Schindl" <> wrote:

> Joachim Zobel wrote:
>> On Tue, 18 Apr 2006 08:17:47 +0200
>> Tom Schindl <> wrote:
>>> The better approach seems to me using mod_dbd which has the draw back
>>> that it is only available on apache-2.2 at least for mysql it looks
>>> like it's not rocket science to get it working.
>> AFAIK this has not yet been DBIfied and the interface is not yet as
>> rich as the one provided by DBI.
>> One severe limitation is at the moment that you can have only one pool
>> per apache. So having 3 db handles is not an option, at least if they
>> access the db as different users.
>> Of course a db interface provided by apache is a very promising
>> approach.
>> Sincerely,
>> Joachim
> Hi, I don't think you need to DBIfy this. In my thinking you only use
> the framework to pool the connection. The connection pointer fetched is
> fed into DBD::MySQL, all this is happing on the C-level and you don't
> even know that mod_dbd/apr_dbd have been involved.
> In my thinking you only have to teach DBD::* to use mod_dbd/apr_dbd to
> fetch the database connection instead of opening one itself.

Just to jump in here--what is the best source of DOCs for doing this?  I
haven't started playing with it yet, so I have not done my homework, but was
just curious to hear what others have found to be most useful.


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