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From Jonathan Vanasco <>
Subject anyone with pgpool experience?
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2006 21:46:22 GMT

well, i learned a new lesson today

	mysql uses threads
	pgsql uses shared memory and forking

i'm looking at somewhere between 50 and 200 child processes  
( depending on the memory i can allocate for apache) each with 3 db  
handles: ( log , read , write  )

under mysql, this wasn't a problem for my app.
under pgsql, this looks like it could cause some performance and  
memory issues.

talking with a friend today, he suggested i look into pgpool - but he  
only does python and c , so that was the extent of his advice

can anyone here share some experience ?  there's not much out there  
in terms of mod_perl / pgpool integration (lots of stuff for other  

i'm not sure if i need to use it, if there's something better, or  
even how to use it ( replace Apache::DBI entirely with it, and give  
each child a DBpool handle, or have apache::dbi connect to dbpool  
instead of pg - there's little docs on this)

any suggestions would be appreciated.

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