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From Issac Goldstand <>
Subject Re: How many people use the Windows combo of Apache2 + mod_perl2 ?
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2006 06:46:03 GMT
I provide contracting services for a company who has a web-based (LAMP)
product.  Around a year ago, they got a big client who wanted the
webserver to run on a win32 platform.  They were using mod_perl for
registry services on the old setup, and I ported them to a windows
environment with mod_perl included.  They still only use it for registry
scripts, but they have 100 production servers already using it and hop[e
to have another 1000 in the coming year.

The only issue we encountered was an issue with mod_ssl that kept
killing the single child process (it would ressurect itself, but it
would take 30 seconds to do so which was too long), which we worked
around by ditching mod_ssl and setting up stunnel instead.


Foo Ji-Haw wrote:
> Just want to do a quick poll here.
> Most of the comments I read here, come from people who use the Linux/
> BSD platform. Is there anybody who actually deploy the Windows combo on
> a production server? For those who do, do you have any issues that are
> Windows-specific?
> For me for example, my gripe is that I cannot use
> ServerUtil::restart_count to determine the instance of the final startup
> of the service, due to the implementation nature of mp2

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