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From John ORourke <>
Subject performance/use of push_handlers over static config
Date Sun, 02 Apr 2006 19:24:34 GMT
Hi folks,

I'm looking to improve a pretty large mod_perl app I have, which 
currently uses statically configured method handlers like so:

        PerlModule My::Module (creates an instance of itself as 
$My::Module::Persistent )
        PerlAccessHandler $My::Module::Persistent->access
        PerlResponseHandler $My::Module::Persistent->response

Now, each of those handlers does some checks to see if it should run, eg.

if( $r->uri=~/\/static\// ){ return DECLINED; } # don't handle static 

And those conditionals are getting harder to maintain as I add more, so 
I'm thinking of moving to push_handlers() to just pop the right handler 
onto the per-request stack during the access phase.

My questions are (after reading the docs):
1) is there a performance hit when using push_handlers() ?
2) how can I use push_handlers to add a method handler?

I'm guessing (2) is 
but I'm not sure.

I feel like the proper newb asking these but never mind...


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