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From Martin Moss <>
Subject Crypt::CBC
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2006 14:33:44 GMT

I had some code which ran the old version of
Crypt::CBC (2.12).

Using these headers to create the object:-

my $cipher = new

I've now built a new machine. Copied the database
values (encrpypted using the above) onto the new
machine DB using mysqldump etc..

However I've found a problem in that the new machine
is built with Crypt::CBC version 2.17..

The above code does not work anymore as I now get the
following error...:-

Ciphertext does not begin with a valid header for
'salt' header mode at /usr/local/lib/perl/.....

I tried doing this:-

my $cipher = new Crypt::CBC(
            -key => $ENCRYPTION_KEY,
            -cipher => 'Crypt::Blowfish',
            -insecure_legacy_decrypt =>1
            -header =>'randomiv'
            -salt =>'1'

But I still get the error...

Any ideas what on earth I'm supposed to do to be able
to use my old information?


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