You may want to use the Apache::DProf module from CPAN - I find it useful when I want to know that kind of information.


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Sent: Monday, March 06, 2006 2:39 PM
To: Perrin Harkins; Chris Werner
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Subject: RE: Apache::DB - What am I doing wrong?


Well, here's the deal. I would like to view a stack trace of everything that's being called in my web application, starting from when the web page is loaded to browsing through the different pages. Starting with the -X is certainly not an option in my case since the Apache server I'm using is maintained by another dept and all i have is access to start, stop or restart the server though a script.

I could certainly have Apache, mod_perl etc running on my own development box and have root access to it, but the above question stems more out of curiousity and an intention to experiment given the circumstances, rather than having to solve some immediate problem.

Now, I could certainly use Carp::Cluck to obtain a stack trace but that also means that I would have to 'use Carp' in every module that could ever get called, right?

Also, since this is just an experiment, I certainly don't mind having to write my own XS or C code. Just curious.

Thanks again,