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Subject Modperl2 question
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2006 09:14:44 GMT
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Hi All!<br><br><>I'm planing to port a web application for
mod_perl1 ro mod_perl2.
<br><br>I've carefully read to porting pages related to that 
<br>(, but unfortunatelly, I haven't 
<br>found solutions to my simple problems.
<br>&nbsp;<br>1. How can I read a cookie from a PerlResponseHandler ?
<br>2. How can I read form params from a PerlResponseHandler too?
<br>3. Is there any good method to cleanly share data between two or more </>PerlResponseHandler(s)
(like $f-&gt;ctx() in filter) ? <br><br><> The uniq solution
I found is to use the Apache::Compat wich by the way works 
very fine.
<br>But now, I want to fully move to mod_perl2.
<br>Is there some examples dealing with my problems?
<br> <br>Younes<br></></body></html>

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