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From Jonathan Vanasco <>
Subject Re: No image creation in mod_perl (was RE: Apache2/MP2 Segfaults ...)
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2006 16:42:49 GMT
i generally don't like to do that in modperl unless i have enough  
webservers.  i think its a bit of a waste of the mp resource.

i do this:
	on upload, generate a thumbnail w/Image:Epeg (which is a super fast  
implementation of epeg.  previously i compiled my own epeg tools and  
the perl mod is WAY faster ) and save the original
	have a cronjob that passes over new uploads and redoes the thumbnail  
and creates sized versions using the python imaging library ( much  
faster and way more powerful than the perl modules or image magick  
and way easier to code )

captchas - you can pregenerate a bunch then use rewrite to alias  
them.  to me, its silly to generate them on the fly - its a rather  
tedious task.  you can even have a cronjob create a new pool of  
captchas and a new map of filenames -> text in image every few hours  
if you want.

i'm ok w/using image:epeg, because it just scans the image for info  
and doesn't read the whole thing into memory.

i really hate doing image manipulation stuff in mod_perl or perl in  

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