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From Chris Werner <>
Subject RE: Protocol Philosophy
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2006 14:28:48 GMT
> You lost it here, Chris. Input filters feed the protocol handler, not >
the other way around. 

Maybe, but that's why I ask questions... Now read what you write:

> ... the protocol handlers simply ask the last input filter to give it >
data ...

Still, the protocol handler creates the BB object that the input filters

And the filter populates that data in the BB created and supplied by the
protocol handler. Or can a filter create a BB on it's own and somehow manage
to get that data to a protocol handler that does not create a BB?

I think the confusion here is the difference between data flow and object
creation and data request. Perhaps you would be so kind as to spell out your
best understanding of these topics?


> Certainly. Take SSI for example...

OK, now there is an example of a filter complex enough to warrent state
machine logic... considering that I am cerian there are others. I would
still ask: Is decoding an encrypted stream doing the work of the protocol

> ... what if your ...[output?]... files live in a database?

Sure, then the protocol handler passes a token to the output filter which
looks up the proper response, and passes the contents out. A valid example
of a data base lookup in a filter, but not exactly what I was referring



> Perhaps you should explain what exact issue you are having with 
> the protocol/filter handlers, so it'll be easier to explain :)

Hmmm... not having an exact issue... 

Stas Bekman
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