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From Sean Davis <>
Subject Re: No image creation in mod_perl (was RE: Apache2/MP2 Segfaults ...)
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2006 11:23:57 GMT

On 3/27/06 6:21 AM, "Tom Schindl" <> wrote:

> Please note that this is not only true for Image-Creation but also if
> you are restoring large string contents in a variable (e.g. after
> processing a file-upload).
> Tom
> Frank Maas wrote:
>> Tom,
>>> As a sidenote often it is not really desired/dangerous to run image
>>> creation as a mod_perl handler because of the nature of perl, memory
>>> allocated once is never freed until the process shutdowns or is killed
>>> (by your Apache::SizeLimit handler).
>> Ah, you got me worried there... How in your opinion should one do creation of
>> images in a mod_perl environment. Think of captcha's, on-the-fly images,
>> etc.?
>> I am very interested to hear opinions about this (just before I am going to
>> use this heavily ;-).

Can you fork off a separate process to do this (that will die once it is


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