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From Jonathan Vanasco <>
Subject Re: DBD:Pg (Postgres) + Apache::DBI
Date Mon, 20 Mar 2006 20:22:06 GMT
a) i fixed the 'message xxxx' errors - they were indeed from an  
accidentally preforked handle.  i'll try to make a note or something  
for apache docs this evening.


I did a bunch of tracing this morning it seems that apache::dbi isn't  
always issuing the rollback at cleanup

I set a trace level on my dbi arg, and have a handler print a marker  
for the cleanup phase

  the bulk of time I get something like this:

==============CLEANUP    DBI::db=HASH(0x1a2c918) trace level set to  
0x0/1 (DBI @ 0x0/0) in DBI 1.50-ithread (pid 24285)
     <> FETCH('TraceLevel')= 1 ('TraceLevel' from cache) at  
line 667
     <- STORE('Username' 'XXXXX')= 1 at line 667
     <> FETCH('Username')= 'XXXXX' ('Username' from cache) at  
line 667
     <- STORE('dbi_connect_closure' CODE(0x1a2be3c))= 1 at  
line 683

if there's an invalid sql command executed in my transaction though,

is all i get.  no cleanup is issued (rollback/closure/etc) on the  
dbi, and i'm still using a bad cached handle on subsequent page  
views , necessitating a page start.

the above arguments were with a TraceLevel1 - i also did a TraceLevel  
15, and saw no additional commands executed.

anyone have a suggestion on where I can look next?

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