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From Boysenberry Payne <>
Subject Re: Modperl2 question
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2006 20:07:20 GMT
Since we're on the subject of CGI vs libapreq.  I've moved to using 
and APache2::Cookie with no problems.   Now I'm wondering if there 
isn't an equivalent
for the rest of what offers.  In particular, I wondering about 
it's html tag output.
Are there any Apache2 equivalents?  If not, are there other modules 
that will do the same
but only concentrate on the html output (javascript would be nice too?) 
  I'm hoping to
not have to compile the CGI module.  My RSHRD = 23.1 M already.  I'm 
guessing that's
pretty big.  Any ideas?

Boysenberry | |

On Mar 12, 2006, at 10:34 PM, Foo Ji-Haw wrote:

>> Sure, libapreq and its included modules are the fastest way to parse 
>> parameters and handle cookies.  However, hardly anyone needs that 
>> speed.  Most people are spending all of their time talking to a 
>> database or doing other I/O tasks, or have pretty minimal web 
>> traffic, or both.
> That's true. I spend more time optimising the database and the web ui 
> then anything.
>> If you're writing something new, and you don't care about supporting 
>> CGI, and you want to use the fastest option, by all means give 
>> libapreq a try.  For most people though, it won't make any measurable 
>> difference which one you use.  I wouldn't advise anyone to bother 
>> changing code unless they've run a profiler and seen it show 
>> up high enough to matter.
> Apache2::Request, and Apache2::Cookie looks like compatible 
> replacements to CGI and CGI::Cookie. I think that's the objective 
> anyway, so that when the need arises, it's just a simple replacement 
> from the root function call (assuming factoring has been done). I 
> think the difference will be whether the web application is a high 
> traffic site-low cpu site, or a high cpu-low traffic one. The 
> performance gain for the former will be more significant.

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