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From "Will Fould" <>
Subject Re: changing global data strategy
Date Wed, 08 Mar 2006 05:16:34 GMT
at this point, the application is on a single machine, but I'm being tasked
with moving our database onto another machine and implement load balancing
b/w 2 webservers.


On 3/7/06, Will Fould <> wrote:
>  an old issue:
>    "a dream solution would be if all child processes could *update* a
> large global structure."
> we have a tool that loads a huge store of data (25-50Mb+) from a
> database into many perl hashes at start up: each session needs access to all
> these data but it would be prohibitive to use mysql or another databases for
> multiple, large lookups (and builds), at each session:  there are quite a
> few structures, each are very big.
> if the data never changed, it would be trivial; load/build just at
> start-up.
> but since the data changes often, we use a semaphore strategy to determine
> when childern should reload/rebuild the structures (after updates have been
> made).
> this is painful. there has got to be a better way of doing this - I've
> seen posts on memcache and other, more exotic animals.
> can someone point me in the right direction: a reference/read, or a stable
> modules that exist for our situation?
> thanks in advance,
> william

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