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From Foo Ji-Haw <>
Subject Re: Modperl2 question
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2006 04:34:54 GMT

> Sure, libapreq and its included modules are the fastest way to parse 
> parameters and handle cookies.  However, hardly anyone needs that 
> speed.  Most people are spending all of their time talking to a 
> database or doing other I/O tasks, or have pretty minimal web traffic, 
> or both.
That's true. I spend more time optimising the database and the web ui 
then anything.
> If you're writing something new, and you don't care about supporting 
> CGI, and you want to use the fastest option, by all means give 
> libapreq a try.  For most people though, it won't make any measurable 
> difference which one you use.  I wouldn't advise anyone to bother 
> changing code unless they've run a profiler and seen it show up 
> high enough to matter.
Apache2::Request, and Apache2::Cookie looks like compatible replacements 
to CGI and CGI::Cookie. I think that's the objective anyway, so that 
when the need arises, it's just a simple replacement from the root 
function call (assuming factoring has been done). I think the difference 
will be whether the web application is a high traffic site-low cpu site, 
or a high cpu-low traffic one. The performance gain for the former will 
be more significant.

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