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From "Randy W. Sims" <>
Subject Re: Module::Build + Apache2 oddity
Date Tue, 07 Mar 2006 02:03:51 GMT
Tyler MacDonald wrote:
> I have a function that does this to get database settings, to test an
> apache2 handler that uses a database:
> sub test_db {
>     my $build = Apache::TestMB->current;
>     return unless $build->notes('DBI_DSN');
>     return map {
>         defined $build->notes($_) ? $build->notes($_) : ''
> }
> When I grab these values from within, the function
> returns successfully and gives me the right settings right away. However,
> Apache::Test's apache2 times out waiting for the server to start. I get the
> same result with Module::Build->current.
> When I set these in my manually, everything works and my
> tests pass.
> I'm kind of confused as to how invoking a Module::Build object could cause
> the server to hang long after the object has been destroyed. Any ideas?
> For now, I'm just doing to do() the _build/notes file to get this config
> data.

Hmm, not sure I know enough about web servers to help out. Which part of 
the above method is causing it to hang? If you take out the call to 
notes, so it only loads the MB object does it succeed? Can you construct 
a simple test case that exhibits the problem?


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