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From Michael Peters <>
Subject ANNOUNCE - Smolder 0.01
Date Sat, 04 Mar 2006 14:09:00 GMT
This email is to announce the birth of Smolder.

Smolder is a Web-Based Smoke Test Aggregator used by developers and testers to
upload (automated or manually) and view smoke/regression tests using the Test
Anything Protocol. Details and trends can be viewed in various formats (HTML,
XML, YAML) and also via email.

It's very similar in nature to the Pugs smoke test server, but is completely
project agnostic. It's also completely self contained (contains local copies all
of it's Perl modules and a local apache/mod_perl). It's released in binary
packages (currently there's only 1 binary package, but more will hopefully be
coming) and also a source distribution from which you can build a binary
package. All it requires is an existing version of Perl 5.8.x (might work with
5.6.x but that hasn't been tested) and MySQL 4.x.

You can see screenshots here:

And other details here:

While completely functional, this is an alpha release so it is not feature complete.

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP

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