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From Torsten Foertsch <>
Subject Re: Controlling subversion access
Date Sun, 26 Mar 2006 20:02:22 GMT
On Sunday 26 March 2006 21:37, Dennis Sinelnikov wrote:
> Right, read the doc over 20 times already :)
> It could be my environment or the client cert I'm using.
> I did try different environment configurations (i.e. older openssl
> versions). I got tired of looking through apache's c code and
> openssl code, to see if I could pinpoint where the problem is.
> In any case, it wasn't getting set while I know UID is there
> because I see it when I log the full DN.
> So that's why I decided to go mod_perl route, which I like b/c
> I have more control and flexibility, plus the best part --
> I'm learning mod_perl in the meantime :)

Well, if you want to do it in Perl you need to write a PerlAuthenHandler to 
set $r->user. To access mod_ssl variables at this stage you need 
Apache2::ModSSL or Apache::SSLLookup.


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