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From "Dennis Sinelnikov" <>
Subject Controlling subversion access
Date Sat, 25 Mar 2006 22:34:00 GMT
Dear fellow developers,


Here is what I'm trying to do in my httpd-ssl.conf:



$client_dn = $ENV{SSL_CLIENT_S_DN};

$client_dn =~ /.*UID=(.*)$/;

$client_uid = $1;


  $Location{"/svnroot"} = {

        DAV => 'svn',

        SVNPath => '/home/svnroot',

        SSLUserName => $client_uid,

        AuthzSVNAccessFile => '/usr/local/apache2/conf/svnauthorization'




Obviously, the above code is not quite right (otherwise I would not be
emailing everyone ;)

Basically, I'm trying to parse the UID off of the Client's certificate DN
and use it to set SSLUserName, so I can later use that uid in
svnauthorization file to control read/write privileges of my subversion
repository per user basis.  The reason why I need to parse UID off of the DN
is because for some reason SSL_CLIENT_S_DN_UID is not getting set, but I see
it in my log when I log the full DN (bug?).  If anyone had to do similar
authorization using the client cert, please let me know and any suggestions
are welcome.  

Thanks much!


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