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From Jeff Nokes <>
Subject Can one use mod_proxy post the Authentication phase in apache?
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2006 22:01:52 GMT
 I'm trying to assist another dept. at my work, to provide a reverse-proxy service with our
apache based mod_perl application.  This other dept. wanted to leverage our custom PerlAuthenHandler
for security reasons, yet they desire just a pass-thru proxy request to their application
tier on behalf of the client.  Since the authentication phase happens after the header parsing/URI
translation phase (where mod_proxy is executed I believe), is there a way to invoke mod_proxy
functionalty after the authentaction phase?  Perhaps in the content/response phase?
 I currently have a homegrown, LWP based solution that is almost working from the response
phase, but it would be much better (and faster) if I could take care of this prior to getting
to the response phase.
 Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
 - Jeff

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