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From Michael Greenish <>
Subject external redirect after internal redirect not working
Date Tue, 21 Mar 2006 19:56:51 GMT

I am attempting an external redirect after an internal
redirect and it isn't working. 

Below are code excerpts:

use strict;
use DBI;
use Apache2::RequestRec();
use APR::Table();
use CGI;
$CGI::POST_MAX=1024 * 1024;  # max 1M posts
$CGI::DISABLE_UPLOADS = 0;  # change to 1 to disable
use CGI::Cookie();
use Apache2::Const  qw( OK FORBIDDEN REDIRECT :log );
use Apache2::Log;

# Get request object
$r = shift;

# Check if coming in from internal redirect
if( defined $r->prev ) {
    $r = $r->prev;

# Do some stuff...

# redirect
$r->headers_out->set( Location => $redirectURL );
$r->status( REDIRECT );
return REDIRECT;

The external redirect works as long as I am not coming
from an internal redirect.  Any ideas?



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