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From Torsten Foertsch <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE]Apache2::Translation
Date Wed, 08 Mar 2006 12:48:12 GMT
This email is to announce the new Apache2::Translation:

Apache2::Translation can be looked at in 2 ways:

1) it is similar to mod_rewrite in that it lives mostly in the uri translation 
phase where it can change/route/redirect/whatever the request. Unlike 
mod_rewrite it fetches it's configuration from a database at runtime. Hence, 
the rules can be changed without restarting Apache.

2) dynamic configuration. It can apply configuration directives read from a 
database apply to the current request. Thus, it can be seen as a .htaccess 
replacement for modperl handlers where real files and directories are not 
necessary involved. But it can more than that. Almost anything 
request-specific can be applied.

Hope some people find it useful...


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