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From Torsten Foertsch <>
Subject Re: Perl Script using MapToStorageHandler
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2006 07:56:45 GMT
On Wednesday 01 March 2006 23:20, Glenn Martin wrote:
> Sounds great, but how would i do something simular to:
>       $r->add_config([sprintf('<LocationMatch
> "%s/?">', $uripath),
>                           'DirectoryIndex .',
>                           'Options +Indexes',
>                           'Dav svn',
>                           sprintf("SVNPath %s",
> $localpath),
>                           '</LocationMatch>']);
> and
>       $r->add_config([sprintf('<Directory "%s">',
> $localpath), 'DirectoryIndex .', 'Options +Indexes',
> 'Dav On', '</Directory>']);

That leads to an error saying that "<Directory" is not allowed at that point. 
In your case I think you don't need the "Directory" around your 
configuration, I think. But, let me explain how the configuration is applied 
to a request. After startup when the configuration has been parsed you have a 
server/vhost-specific default configuration. That is everything outside 
"Directory", "Location" and so on. Just before MapToStorage a copy of this 
config is made. Then the core-MapToStorage handler applies "Location", 
"Directory" etc blocks to that copy. At the end of the request this copy is 
thrown away.

The mod_perl MapToStorage handler comes in after the server-specific config is 
loaded but before the core handler. In fact if the mp-handler returns OK the 
core-handler is skipped.

When $r->add_config(\@lines, $override) is applied in MapToStorage it is very 
similar to

AllowOverride $override
<Location />

Only this location block is applied *before* any Directory block.

That means

1) If your mp-handler returns DECLINED, your current configuration can be 
overridden by the core-handler, because it comes after you.

2) Anything you apply to the config in MapToStorage applies to a copy. Hence, 
nothing is needed to undo the changes.

3) Your config can be applied by

                'DirectoryIndex .',
                'Options Indexes',
                'Dav svn',
                sprintf("SVNPath %s", $localpath),                 
               ], ~0)     # ~0 == AllowOverride All

But, a few thing cannot be applied by means of $r->add_config. For example 
"AllowOverride" needs a "Directory" block or "ProxyPassReverse" does 
different things if it appears outside or inside a "Location" block. Further, 
mod_perl-2.0.2 cannot apply "Options" if working under Apache 2.2. For these 
situations I have posted a patch a few days ago (last Friday I think). I hope 
it will make it into mod_perl 2.0.3 see

In fact, I am currently working on a module that can read the configuration 
from a database and apply it on the fly. It already works pretty good. If you 
want I can send you a current copy. I think of releasing it on CPAN later 
this week or early next week.


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