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From Glenn Martin <>
Subject Re: Perl Script using MapToStorageHandler
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 22:06:05 GMT
Actually if i read the documentation correctly, im
doing it just right. Map to Storage is right before it
get mapped to a Location/Directory... and thus this is
where id want to add Directory/Location and Alias
directives based off of the incomming URI... Im trying
to control DAV input. Take the URI, translate it to a
Folder, Check the folders contents to see if it
matches a Subversion repository and if it does map the
Location to SVN Dav and that repository otherwise Map
the Directory to the URI using an Alias and a
Directory and turn on normal WebDAV... Then return
Decline to Apache then tries to Match the URI to the
Modified Config. Which will active the correct module
for the correct folder...

However i need this configuration change to be
Temporary... Per request only... I need the Alias' or
Location/Directory sections to no longer exist..

What handler do i use? and how do i reset the

--- Andy Armstrong <> wrote:

> On 1 Mar 2006, at 21:44, Glenn Martin wrote:
> > Ive got a script im wokring on that uses the
> > "PerlMapToStorageHandler" at that point it adds to
> the
> > Apache Configuration using the Incomming URI,
> creating
> > Location/Directory Sections, and an Alias or
> two...
> >
> > However, i need to be able to remove these changes
> > after the request is completed... How would i
> remove
> > theses changes and what handler would you suggest
> for
> > me to tie in to?
> You're doing it wrong I'm afraid. Why do you want to
> change the  
> server config during a request?
> -- 
> Andy Armstrong,

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