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From "Jason J. Czerak" <>
Subject Apache 1.34, mod_perl 1.29, Apache::ASP based application
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2006 14:44:34 GMT
This message will be separately posted to the Apache mailing list as I'm
not sure if it's a mod_perl/apache::asp deal or apache.

I have recently come across an issues where I ran out of file handles
and couldn't open up any files. This is, as you know a mod_perl
Apache::ASP based application (don't flame me, I didn't start it, just
just support it........).  The problem occurs on Linux (2.6.9 - RedHat
EL4 update 2).  Vanilla Perl 5.8.7, apache, mod_perl, mod_ssl install.
These binaries are separate of the base directory structure

The very same application works fine with default apache 1.3 server
tuning on Solaris 8.  We are in the process of moving these applications
to Linux. For the most part the software versions are the same on both
platforms with exception of the minor versions.

here is a few lines from lsof that look to be eating up the filehandles
and not releasing them:

httpd     17196   nobody   93u     sock        0,4             11020434
can't identify protocol
httpd     17196   nobody   94u     sock        0,4             11020606
can't identify protocol
httpd     17196   nobody   95u     sock        0,4             11020717
can't identify protocol

I have the MaxRequestsPerChild set to 5000. This seem to control things
at an acceptable level of file handles by killing off processes, once
killed off, large blocks are released..  The apache processes do not
look like they make it over 60meg in size either.. But this isn't the
right way to do this I'm sure.  ideas?

Jason Czerak (

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