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From "Mark Galbreath" <>
Subject Re: A question for the newbies
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2006 14:42:49 GMT
I've been developing apps for business, ecommerce, and government in Java for 6 years.  I developed
Web sites with Perl 5.0 CGI in the mid-1990s but never much cared for it outside of its excellent
string maniulation, being attracted to the pure OO languages. I spent the last 2 years developing
in C# ASP.NET and PHP 5.0.  Why did I come back to Perl?
Not voluntarily.  Competition from foreign developers, mostly from India, and companies outsourcing
to offshore companies, mostly in India and Indonesia, depressed contracting rates all along
the DC - Boston tech corridor for Java programmers.  .NET has not been widely accepted as
a replacement for Java or the installed base of VB 6.0 apps and so opportunities are sparse.
 I came back to Perl because I was unemployed for 6 months and this was the only decent job
(pay the mortgage, college tuition, eat) I could find.  Seems like I have come full-circle
over 10 years.
Nevertheless, I was very, very happy to find that in those intervening 10 years, Perl became
OO with 5.6 and the 5.6 debug version, 5.8.  My perl code is now rife with double colons and
reference arrows.  I miss the reference dot notation of Java and other OO languages, however.
 Why didn't Larry include that?  And the 'use v. require' issue seems silly to me.  Why not
a simple 'import' statement?  And the accessor schema and issues of 'my v. our v. local' and
package transparency seems hackneyed to me.  Perhaps 6.0 will address issues like these? 
I haven't looked.
Depsite my criticisms, I found that my fears of having to go "backwards" to a procedural language
were unfounded.  Like C++, you can write procedural code in perl, but you'll soon be replaced
by H1-B contractors if you do.  :-)
Perl does Reflection.

>>> Clinton Gormley <> 16-Feb-06 08:41:02 AM >>>

It seems to me that a lot of people new to mod_perl and to Perl have
joined this mailing list recently.

And this is during a period when popular opinion (amongst those who know
no better) seems to regard Perl as antiquated.

I'm delighted that new people are joining.

My question is, what prompted you? What made you choose Perl above
Java/.Net/Python/Ruby etc etc

Do you have experience of those languages? What appeals to you about
Perl? And how do you find your community experience/support compared to
the other languages you know?


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