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From Michael Peters <>
Subject Re: A question for the newbies
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2006 18:03:04 GMT
Some selective answers...(not really relevant to your present job, but maybe
more helpful in the future)

Michael Greenish wrote:

> I looked around on the web for a while, tried
> to study the modperl apache site's examples, but just
> couldn't derive a good code example; I understood OO,
> I knew that perl could do OO and I couldn't find
> design patterns to go to the next step.

Did you ever happen upon CGI::Application? It's pretty popular for OO/MVC web stuff.

> What I like about PHP over perl is the ease of
> variable declaration.  I feel I have to use strict
> with perl, I would like the ability to not have to put
> "my" in front of every new variable.  Probably 1/4 of
> my errors when debugging pages for the first time are
> undeclared variables.

That might be the first errors that you fix when you're first trying new code,
but it would save you from so many other errors down the road.

> My biggest complaint for perl for web apps, however,
> is the templating.  I haven't found a template module
> in perl that rivals Smarty templates in PHP.

Did you ever try Template Toolkit? I'd say it's probably more popular than
HTML::Template, and much less restrictive (although you also have more rope to
hang yourself too) and can do everything that you mentioned below.

> That's my experience so far with perl vs PHP vs Java
> so far.

Thanks for sharing.

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP

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